• 1Be kind+

    There's great joy in sharing. This pandemic has reminded many of us of our privilege and how much we can do for others, whether it’s financially, emotionally or even with words of comfort. I pledge to continue to be kind to my neighbours, vulnerable and marginalised communities by being generous with my resources and my knowledge.

  • 2No more racism+

    It’s been so unfortunate to see people turn against each other and not treat fellow citizens with empathy and respect. Citizens from North-east India have been facing discrimination on various levels and being denied access to basics. I pledge to take a firm stand against racism -- I will not call anyone Chinki or Chinese, even as a joke.

  • 3Low waste+

    Our consumption practices have been unsustainable for too long, and we’re bearing the collective brunt in the form of accelerating climate change. I pledge to be more mindful on this front, from the food choices I make, to the amount of waste (plastic and otherwise) I generate.

  • 4Fight fake news+

    It’s no exaggeration that the spread of unverified news is one of the biggest technological threats we are currently battling. I pledge to be a responsible consumer of technology and read (and verify) news before forwarding it to large groups of people through platforms like WhatsApp.

  • 5Mindful travel+

    From flying (a massive contributor to carbon footprints) to using non-recyclable items, travelling can be pretty ecologically unsustainable. I pledge to travel more mindfully -- fly less, take the train, carry my own refillable water bottle, coffee cup and so on.